Shall we go, you and I? Support ServeMedicine with your psychedelic Grateful Dead story so we can all "Wake Up to Find Out" - and be a Phil-anthropist!

The music of the Grateful Dead combined with a psychedelic experience creates some of the most magical moments ever experienced. Deadheads travel coast to coast, living no particular way, but our own.

I LOVE the Grateful Dead! I've seen hundreds of shows - from my first at the Philly Spectrum in the 70's to a celebrated history that includes the Wall of Sound, Englishtown, New Years Eve, Berkeley's Greek Theater, and FTW in 2015. I was at Cornell 2023 - YES!! I GOT A TICKET - and my 50th year on Summer Tour! I've got rings on my fingers, bells on my shoes. I saw Bobby and the Wolf Pack at Red Rocks the first show after those Co-Vida dark years in-between - then more Red Rocks for Dead and Co, then the 50th Anniversary Ace show at Radio City and... Weir back! I put those trips to Red Rocks in my pink bubble, and Barton Hall, along with my idea to ServeMedicine...

ServeMedicine is a 501c3 non-profit offering a guided psychedelic experience for people with a life threatening illness, or end of life diagnosis.

Weir putting together a crowdsourced book to fund ServeMedicine, a 501c3 non-profit I founded with Donnie Kaplan (1957-2022), to offer a guided psychedelic experience for people with life threatening illness. We are part of Plant Medicine Peer Network, a grant recipient of DC Decrim Initiative 81. The book is a collection of how psychedelics and Grateful Dead together have influenced your life for the better. Tell me everything in 700-1200 words, and submit your story to this collection before you escape through the lily fields.

If you've ever dreamed of being a Phil-anthropist, this is your opportunity. Your participation means everything!

Once your submission is chosen I will contact you to sign a release before this “Wake Up To Find Out” collection is published. Everyone submitting a story gets a fabulous holographic sticker. If your submission is selected for the final draft you will get a FREE copy of the published book.

Without love in the dream it'll never come true.

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1. Tell a powerful story illuminating your connection to psychedelics and Grateful Dead. Your story should be told from your perspective. The story also needs to be a true story. It needs to convey the same high vibration energy as your favorite song, or a favorite show, or a favorite moment on the Golden Road.

2. Tell your story in a way that will CONNECT - make the reader laugh, say “Wow!”, fantasize their own perfect Tour, sing along to the band beyond description, and know there is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert.

3. The story should start “in the action” and draw in the reader. Do not start your story with an introduction about what you are going to say, or end with a concluding paragraph about what you just said. Just let it rip! It's EASY to submit - type it in the box below, or copy and paste, and enter.

4. Speak from the heart. Many people tell personal stories for the first time when they are writing it down, and they find it to be a cathartic and a productive experience. You are a psychedelic Deadhead. Recall the unbridled passion you felt when you decided to ditch work or school for Tour. Recall that moment you knew EVERYTHING is connected. THAT’S the feeling!

5. A story written in the first person is powerful.

An example can be seen in my Thank You Plant Medicine interview on this site. This example has a mix of setting up the feel of the story, conversation, internal dialogue, etc. And is told in the moment the story is happening.

6. Keep your story between 700-1200 words. If it's a long, strange trip, that's perfect. Just not more than 1200 words long.


A few more tips about submitting:

1. After your story’s rough draft is finished, go back through and refine it. You want this to flow. No black muddy river here.

2. Have 2-3 Deadheads read your story and give you feedback.The less I have to edit the more it is your own greatest story.

3. Wave that tale wide and high and SUBMIT!

4. Thank you for your dose of Grateful Dead, with love from Grateful Deb. Reach out if you've got any questions.