What is Psychedelic Integration?

Attention, with intention, creates your journey.
You cannot go back. You know too much.

Connect with Yourself & Your Emotions

Emotions are an indicator of where you are vibrationally. Open to the possibilities and experience yourself in an expanded dimension. Elevate your internal state to be greater than your external environment.

Increase Creativity & Empower Your Success

Everything is an expression of Infinite Intelligence. Connect with something greater. Live your purpose. Tap into the source of creativity, the unconscious mind.

Grateful Deb is here to guide you on your journey.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Sacred medicine has been used for thousands of years. The research shows that we can shift our focus to real change and dissolve negative thinking. Your transformation is NOW. Why wait to love your life?

Increased Awareness

Expand your consciousness. You'll become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and connect with what you really want in life. You came here knowing; I'll help you with implementation. What would you love? What if it were easy?

Most people live a conditional life and look for a remedy in the conditions. That's where most medications, therapy, and rules come from. You can tell by the way you feel what you have been vibrating to the Universe.

NOW what story would you like to tell?

If you have been explaining or defending all that you have lived to justify your struggle, you have been living a conditional life. You were meant for greatness and you have already boldly stepped outside your comfort zone - you have found your way here by following your inner guidance.

Once you discover the power of attention, with intention, life changes in powerful ways.

Entheogens and non-ordinary states of consciousness have been with us since ancient times. As they continue to be scientifically studied we can better understand their ability to forge improved neural pathways, provide relief for existential crisis, catalyze spiritual connection, inspire mystical experiences, amplify our senses, and make our lives infinitely more joyous. With less resistance, and new clarity through Universal Intelligence, your vibration amplifies. As you learn to co-create through vibration, life transforms and aligns with Infinite Intelligence. This is higher vibration integration.

As your Life Mastery Coach I will provide you with a proven system for results. You will experience accountability, understanding, and support while accomplishing lasting change in the direction of your dream. Whether it's a new job, a new or improved relationship, time and money freedom, healing and recreating yourself, a release of old patterns - ANYTHING you desire - your journey is the inspiration.

Let's get you started,

Grateful Deb

    

When I learned of the healing potential of psychedelics, my search for healing led me to Deb, for which I’m very grateful. I naively thought my life would be positively and profoundly changed by a single psychedelic experience.

What I discovered is that the path for true positive change entails a deeper study and integration.

Psychedelics merely open the door for deeper meaning and clarity. My study with Deb has been crucial to my success. She has taken me on an adventure that pushed my boundaries and engaged my thoughts and feelings in a meaningful and positively transformative manner.

My continued integration and the study provided by her, continues to help me master my own life and gave me a community in which I can flourish.


    

Deborah has been my transformational life coach for nearly a year and she has been a phenomenal, positive force in my life. I am a high functioning woman (single mother, teacher, health and mindfulness educator and more…).

I have many talents and strengths coupled with normal fears and hesitations.

Deborah, herself, has experienced daunting challenges in life and is an example of a woman who knows how to live a positive, vibrant life.

As a coach, Deborah has a system that she individualizes to fit my needs. She is smart, intuitive, humorous, insightful, and helps me to create habits that keep me “on track.”She has been a cheerleader to help me set goals and help me to be in touch with my intuition and actualize my desires, evaluate goals, and mindfully live the life that I desire and love.

Deborah has abundant compassion coupled with an ability to kindly guide me away from sabotaging thoughts and guides me instead to create habits in alignment with my highest self. This is what it looks like to prioritize coaching with Deborah at a high level and I highly recommend working with Deborah - it will be a tremendous gift to yourself.


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